Feature Writing

Non-fiction interviews, essays, features.

Jess was invited back to write up her 'books of the year'  (novels, short fiction, and poetry) for this feature alongside contributions from Tice Cin, Elaine Chiew, Nataliya Deleva, Naomi Booth, and more!

Guest Editor: 'A Personal Anthology'

" Everything about this piece is exquisite, a raw and raging kind of beauty". Jess presented and discussed 12 favourite short fictions for  the 'A Personal Anthology' project, focussing on writers who create awe-inspiring images, and craft 'the visual' in exciting ways.

" There are plenty of reliable ways to introduce a mother on film. Put her centre-stage in the busy rush of a domestic kitchen, multitasking breakfasts and packing lunches and expositing loudly. Have her push a stroller down the street, graciously accepting compliments. Watch her paint the nursery walls.  T2 gives us instead a close-up of muscle, sweat, and grind. ..."

Selected as part of Screen Speck's 'mothers on film' series. Screen Speck is a newly 'multi cultural writing/media platform for up and coming unheard voices' focusing on TV, Film, and Culture.

Selected for Bright Wall/Dark Room's 'Moments' issue, this essay explores the 1997 film Contact and what one moment can teach us about the complexity of suspense. BWDR is an international online magazine "devoted to exploring the relationship between movies and the business of being alive".

Jess was invited to join a host of writers and friends of award-winning literary magazine Lunate in sharing her top reads of 2021.

Jess sat down for a chat with Ben Pester about his debut short-story collection 'Am I in the Right Place?' (Boiler House Press), and his words of wisdom for aspiring writers. Interview on behalf of Lunate.

Jess interviewed writer and translator Natasha Randall, following the publication of her debut novel 'Love Orange' (riverrun). They chatted craft, translation, and publishing in a pandemic. Interview on behalf of Lunate.

Jess  spoke with Eliza Clark about her acclaimed debut novel 'Boy Parts' (Influx Press), mixed-media in modern writing, and why there aren't more questions about queer characters. Interview on behalf of Lunate.